Social &  Emotional Learning

Biography: Dr. Ron Titus is a renowned authority on implementing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in diverse learning environments. As the Chair of the School of Education and Superintendent of the SNU Lab School at Southern Nazarene University, he brings extensive expertise in educational leadership, holding certifications as a superintendent, principal, and teacher. Driven by a passion for continuous learning, he has conducted research on staff efficacy barriers in SEL implementation and advocates for specialized training and collaborative professional development. With a focus on constructivist pedagogy, guided mastery, and standards-based assessments, Dr. Titus empowers educators to integrate SEL into their practice. His commitment to fostering inclusive and equitable environments ensures that diverse learners thrive. Through engaging presentations and a strong focus on student agency, goal setting, and reflection, Dr. Titus equips participants with practical knowledge and strategies to create safe and empowering learning experiences.

A Dissertation by Dr. Titus:
Social and Emotional Learning and
Perceived Self-Efficacy of School Staff

Session 1: Building Social and Emotional Skills in Academic Settings

Description: This session explores the integration of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in academic environments. Participants will learn the foundations of SEL, including constructivist pedagogy and guided mastery. They will discover strategies for implementing SEL through hands-on activities and collaborative discussions.

Learning Objectives:

Session 2: Assessing and Monitoring Social and Emotional Learning

Description: This session focuses on standards-based assessments and continuous improvement in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Participants will learn how to measure and monitor SEL progress, utilizing assessment tools and strategies. The session will also explore the connection between evidence-based practices and tangible student outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

Session 3: Creating an Inclusive Environment for Social and Emotional Learning

Description: This session addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion in the context of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Participants will examine the role of culture, equity, and inclusive practices in promoting an environment that supports SEL for all learners. Strategies for fostering belonging and cultural responsiveness will be explored.

Learning Objectives: