Director (Grades PreK-8)Southern Nazarene University

The SNU Lab School’s history is firmly rooted in experiential learning—an approach that enriches the educational experience for our students and contributes to our reputation as one of only a few schools in the region that is designed to build character through project-based learning.


President / CEOOnline Academy

Founded in February of 2019 with the goal of creating online courses for students and educators to help them find a way forward in an ever-changing world.

President / CEOWebsite Design & Development

Founded in 1992, Titus Design helps customers develop and maintain a multi-faceted online branding strategy to reach their target audiences including social media integration and establishing a strong corporate identity.


Conceived in September of 2016, the Center for Emancipated Learning embodies a culture of creativity and learning that uses human centered design to solve problems and promote human flourishing. This model values diversity, equity, and inclusion. It challenges young people to build their agency to affect change, agility to seek out and navigate complex dilemmas, and to access their character and purpose. All within a learning culture of belonging and becoming.